The Mindfulness at Work Conference

How to embed mindfulness in the workforce to significantly increase employee resilience, focus, performance and emotional wellbeing

Central London, April 27th – 28th, 2017

Why Attend?


An event for business leaders, HR professionals and enlightened managers sharing best-practice, evidence and ideas around bringing mindfulness into the workforce

Mind & Matter believe that sustained and robust mindfulness practice within organisations can have a significant impact on the well being, resilience and productivity of its workforce. In this VUCA world we live in, we need to look for bold solutions which help employees deal with change, conflict and constant workplace demands. Whilst mindfulness is not a panacea, evidence suggests that it can lift an entire workforce when deployed professionally. (see Science Daily Article  for the latest evidence)

More than 150 people attended Mind & Matter 2015 and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Attend in 2017 and hear from MORE THAN 30 organisations on how to introduce, evaluate and communicate mindfulness initiatives at work. 

Why Attend:

  • Hear new developments in neuroscience from Harvard Medical School on how mindfulness can actually change the brain
  • Experience mindfulness throughout the day in taster sessions and mindfulness reflections facilitated by experts
  • Jaguar Land Rover, GSK, Unilever will share how they have introduced and sustained mindfulness at large, complex organisations
  • Learn how to sell in mindfulness to sceptical and financially-focused management
  • Network with more than 150 like-minded attendees who are curious about organisational mindfulness

Public & Private
Sector focus streams

This year we will be running some specialist sessions depending on your sector.

Experts will examine...

  • The latest neuroscience and evidence demonstrating the impact and effectiveness of mindfulness practice
  • How to “sell in” and get buy-in for mindfulness within complex, diverse (sometimes sceptical) organisations
  • What works and what doesn’t and how to overcome typical obstacles when implementing large-scale initiatives
  • The links between mindfulness and improved wellbeing, productivity, focus, resilience and empathy at work

A more detailed and varied exploration of how mindfulness is being received by private sector leadership than I ever expected

Arup, Mind & Matter Leaders 2016

Brilliant! It completely changed my view of the real potential of mindfulness at work

Standard Chartered, Mind & Matter 2015

Very informative, providing both expert views and real life business examples

Hampton Knight, Mind & Matter 2015

Most informative and useful conference I have attended

Virgin Trains, Mind & Matter 2015

Thoroughly worthwhile attending

Ogilvy, Mind & Matter Leaders 2016




08.30 - 09.00

Optional Experiential Mindfulness Session – Get ready for the day ahead

09.00 - 09.05

Welcome from Mind & Matter Team

09.05 - 09.15

Welcome and Chair’s opening address
Dr David Cox

Our host will set the tone for the day and explore the following themes:

  1. What does mindfulness offer in the workplace?
  2. Why should we be bothering?
  3. What are the potential outcomes?
09.15 - 09.55

The Neuroscience of mindfulness – the impacts of mindfulness practice on the brain
Dr Sara Lazar, Assistant Professor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Meditation and the brain

  • Changes in the brain structure and function as a result of meditation
  • Impact on cognitive performance including \”IQ\”
  • Impact on stress, depression, and anxiety
09.55 - 10.25

Mindfulness in organisations: How to make it a strategic asset
Dr. Jutta Tobias, Senior Lecturer – Innovation and Process Management, Cranfield School of Management

Mindfulness in organisations: Why, what and how to make it a strategic asset

  • Why mindfulness becomes a strategic asset when skilled leaders learn how and when to intervene at an individual, team and organisational level simultaneously
  • What performance and sustainability benefits can be gained by explicitly promoting mindfulness in teams and across hierarchies at work
  • How mindfulness can serve as a valid and reliable catalyst to:
    • Better sense making by the collective
    • Reduced self-interest and internal competition
    • Better mastery of habitual routines so they can serve rather hinder the team or organization
10.25 - 11.15

Building a strong, robust business case for mindfulness that convinces the board as to its impact and benefits
Facilitator: Dr Shaun Davis, Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability, Royal Mail Group
Brett Hartley, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co
Helen Wray, Health & Wellbeing Business Partner, Mars
Dr Justin Varney, National Lead for Adult Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England

  • Understanding and communicating the recent neuroscience evidence in order to sell mindfulness in to sceptical organisations
  • Communicating the short and long-term value of mindfulness and what it brings to the organisation
  • Relating mindfulness practices to long-term behavioural and cultural change
  • Articulating the tangible outcomes that we might expect from sustained mindfulness programmes
11.15 - 11.45

Refreshment break & Optional experiential mindfulness

11.45 - 12.25

Understanding the role of mindfulness within the broader wellbeing agenda and its specific links to empathy, focus, productivity and compassion
Facilitated by: Parham Antonio Vasaeily, Manager, Feature Strategy and Autonomous Driving Engineering Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
Tim Munden, Chief Learning Officer,Unilever
Debra Scola, Founder,Cerulean
Amelia Colvin, MD Global Head of Distressed and NPL Assets, Cadogan Securities

  • Where does mindfulness fit into the broader wellbeing agenda within firms?
  • How to create a working environment that encourages and fosters mindfulness – to sustain its momentum
  • Enhancing your own performance and creating measurable impact on your staff and teams
  • Linking mindfulness specifically to outcomes


12.25 - 13.00

One size does not fit all: Exploring the different ways of delivering mindfulness to an organisation, which best fits its culture, size and workforce requirements
Facilitated by: Juliet Adams, Founder and Director, and A Head for Work
Martin Petkov, Communications Manager, HSBC
Isaac George, SVP and Country Head, Happiest Minds Technologies
Colin Hurst, Service User Governor, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

  • What mindfulness offerings are currently available? How organisations can select the best and evolve them with continual constructive feedback
  • Digging deeper into the role of technology and apps in delivering mindfulness
  • Democratising mindfulness for employees that do not usually qualify for larger training budgets
  • How can we be sure that our trainers are qualified and able to manage potentially negative initial outcomes?


13.00 - 14.00

Lunch & Optional experiential mindfulness session
Jo Milston, Founder, Urban Guru

Stream A - Private Sector

14.00 - 14.25

How to deliver better, more sustainable business outcomes
Parham Antonio Vasaeily, Manager, Feature Strategy and Autonomous Driving Engineering Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

In this session we will explore how Mindfulness makes it possible to deliver better, more sustainable business outcomes with a positive impact on people’s wellbeing and productivity. The Jaguar Land Rover Mindfulness programme aims to make the learning and tools accessible and relevant for the workplace. This presentations contains the following insignts:

  • The JLR Mindfulness journey – What to do and things to avoid
  • The Business Context – How to make Mindfulness relevant for the workplace
  • A critical view on the current landscape
  • Results from JLR’s Mindfulness programme to date
14.25 - 14.45

Case study: Mindfulness Initiatives: learnings, successes and areas for improvement

  • Mindful Investment Day: demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness around mental health and wellbeing to a complex workforce
  • Introducing the concept of mindfulness to the company performance appraisal: impacts and evaluation
  • Assessing the role apps and technology can play in monitoring the impact of mindfulness on wellbeing
14.45 - 15.05

Appraising the role mindfulness can play in business innovation, creativity and customer understanding
Jonathan Trimble,CEO, 18 Feet and Rising

  • Exploring the development of elastic thinking to aid the creative process
  • Can mindfulness can develop empathy and nurture a better understanding of your clients and customers?
  • Values, ethics, compassion and the role they play in making a happier and productive workforce
15.05 - 15.40

How much is enough? A best-practice case study from award-winning GSK
Martin Boroson, Founder, The One Moment Company, Author, One-Moment Meditation
Razeea Lemaignen, Health and Resilience Specialist, HR Centres of Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline

This session will talk about the human experience of time, the philosophical basis for sudden transformation, the results from scalable meditation programs that take extremely little time and how GSK is prioritising mindfulness training in its award-winning resilience program.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The hidden bias in meditation training
  • The forgotten potential of sudden transformation
  • Why “longer” training programs can backfire
  • The importance of incremental change
  • Do we create a sense of failure or help people build on success?
  • Results from GSK’s programmes to date

Stream B - Public Sector
Chair – Jamie Bristow, Director, Mindfulness Initiative

14.00 - 14.20

Evaluating the potential of implementing mindfulness interventions with offenders and staff, in challenging conditions
Rebecca Remigio, Head of Public Protection, National Probation Service

  • Exploring Mindful leadership and how it relates to compassionate public service
  • Understanding the links between mindfulness, ethics and integrity in the workplace
14.20 - 15.00

Mindfulness and organisational change – can mindfulness be a powerful driver of organisational change?
Mark Leonard, Course Leader and Lead Practitioner, Mindfulness Connected
David Richardson, Head of Education and Training, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
Dame Yve Buckland, Chair, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
Dr Conny Blunt, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

  • Exploring a new model of mindfulness, intrinsically related to organisational change
  • Mindfulness with a powerful vision
  • The role of mindfulness in cultural change


15.00 - 15.40

Mindfulness and the challenges of the public service
Facilitated by: Jamie Bristow, Director, Mindfulness Initiative
Diana Reynolds, Sustainable Development Change Manager, Welsh Government
Detective Inspector Jennifer McIntyre-Smith, Bedfordshire Police
Katy Owen, Head of Centre for Social Action and Evaluation, Cabinet Office

Mindfulness training is increasingly being adopted within public services, potentially impacting factors as wide-ranging as victim satisfaction scores for police officers, compassion fatigue amongst medical staff and the bias-awareness of civil servants. In this panel session we\’ll review what has been implemented so far, before exploring the particular opportunities and challenges within these sectors that can perhaps inform the wider mindfulness training field.

15.40 - 16.00

Refreshments & Optional experiential mindfulness

16.00 - 16.40

Roundtables: pick a theme which best suits your interests
Isaac George, SVP and Country Head,Happiest Mind Technologies
Jamie Bristow, Director, Mindfulness Initiative
Martin Petkov, Communicator and Reiki Master, HSBC
Martin Boroson, Founder, The One Moment Company, Author, One-Moment Meditation
Juliet Adams, Founder and Director, and A Head for Work
Mark Leonard, Course Leader, Lead Practitioner, Mindfulness Connected
Erik Rinner, Managing Partner, Investisseurs
David Liddle, CEO, The TCM Group
Fazal Chaudhri, Managing Director, Gemini Intelligence
Mark Randall, CEO, Mark Randall Consultancy

  1. How to introduce mindfulness to a resistant workforce
  2. How do you keep people engaged in mindfulness?
  3. Developing and motivating your mindfulness champions
  4. Avoiding the brick wall: how to maintain momentum
  5. Aligning mindfulness with competencies and how to track, monitor and assess your programme
  6. What risks are associated with mindfulness and what should you do to overcome them?
  7. Mindfulness in education: supporting pupils’ and teachers’ wellbeing and capacity to self-regulate
  8. Secular mindfulness: how secular can we go without distancing it from its spiritual origins
  9. The commoditisation of mindfulness: do we need to worry about ‘McMindfulness’?
  10. Evaluating the impacts of mindfulness – what to look for and how to assess its success
16.40 - 17.10

Final Closing Keynote

17.10 - 17.20

Chair’s round up
Dr David Cox


Conference close

09.00 - 09.30

Registration and coffee


09.30 - 12.30

Addressing the challenge of the VUCA world - mindfulness and systems thinking for organisational resilience
Chris Tamdjidi, Founder and Director, Kalapa Academy
Parham Vasaeily, Manager Cross-Carline Feature Strategy and Delivery, Jaguar Land Rover

Workshop overview:

A practical and interactive half-day workshop exploring the challenges and opportunities for companies and individuals as a result of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in the world. The workshop will be a combination of current trends, focused discussions with peers, and sharing of experiences, ideas and best practice.

Key content:

Understanding the neuroscience behind mindfulness:

  • How mindfulness improves attention
  • How mindfulness impacts resilience
  • How mindfulness improves collaboration and group outcomes
  • Applying mindfulness into organisational settings
  • Systems thinking to solve complex problems
  • Agile thinking
  • Organisational resilience to thrive through change


Expected Outcomes:

  • A good understanding of the business case for mindfulness
  • An understanding different areas of applicability of mindfulness


09.30 - 12.30

Enabling change and unlocking potential for individuals and organisations
Louise Chester, Managing Director, Mindfulness at Work

Workshop overview:

In this age of unprecedented speed, information overload, complexity, change and distractions, many leading organisations are turning to mindfulness to enable them to thrive in this new paradigm.


This workshop will introduce you to the tools used to unlock potential and maintain high performance through enhanced focus, clarity of mind and resilience, whatever the challenges. 


Delivered by Louise Chester, Managing Director of consultancy Mindfulness at Work and Potential Project UK, this workshop will share with you the evidence-based training that these organisations have delivered for over 450 global clients, from Accenture and the BBC to Genentech and Microsoft.  It draws both on their team’s senior level business experience and years of designing and facilitating interventions for a wide variety of organisations, to deliver a practical workshop that will:


Key content and expected outcomes:

  • Enable attendees to understand exactly what mindfulness is (and isn’t)
  • Explore a wide range of practices that help build the calm, focus and clarity needed to flourish both at work and beyond
  • Enquire into how these practices are experienced
  • Learn why they are so successful in enabling positive change
  • Discover how different organisations deploy mindfulness training to support a wide range of business imperatives
  • Hear about Potential Project’s latest research on mindfulness and leadership with Harvard Business Press, in advance of the publication of ‘The Mind of the Leader’



13.30 - 16.30

Embedding mindfulness into the workplace and company culture
Emma Wardropper, Director, Emma Wardropper

Workshop overview:

A practical and experiential workshop offering tips and suggestions on how mindfulness can be embedded into a workplace.

Key content:

Guided practices throughout.

Real life examples of what workplaces over a variety of sectors and industries have implemented.

Top tips and practical suggestions.

Ability to ask specific questions.

Advice and guidance on implementing, selecting, piloting and evaluating mindfulness in the workplace.

Expected outcomes:

1.     Understand the importance of personal practice being used to lead by example.

2.     Hear about various practical ways mindfulness can be introduced, embed and sustained.

3.     Raise your understanding of making any mindfulness initiatives bespoke to the individual company.

4.     Learn about other workplaces experience’s and journeys.

5.     Gain tips to help avoid common pitfalls and achieve desired outcomes.


13.30 - 16.30

How to adapt traditional approaches of teaching mindfulness for the workplace.
Juliet Adams, Founder and Director, A Head for Work and

Workshop Overview:

It\’s widely acknowledged that traditional approaches to teaching MBSR and MBCT may not be appropriate for a workplace audience. Through a series of interactive exercises and insightful instruction, participants will explore how to practically adapt mindfulness for the workplace and explore the following:

  • How can mindfulness training be adapted for a busy workplace population?
  • How long should the meditation based exercises be? How much home practice is too much, or too little?
  • How can the teaching style be adapted whilst still maintaining the integrity of Mindfulness?

This interactive workshop will discuss the above commonly asked questions and share best practice and recent research, and provide the opportunity and support to experiment with adapting a typical training session from an MBCT course for a workplace  audience.

This workshop will be led by Juliet Adams, a leading commentator, author and trainer in mindfulness in the workplace.  Juliet helped to develop the WorkplaceMT mindfulness at work for, and has helped to develop over 100 trainers working for a range of organisations to deliver it.


Amelia ColvinCadogan SecuritiesMD Global Head of Distressed and NPL Assets
Brett HartleyClyde & CoSenior Associate
Colin HurstCentral and North West London NHS Foundation TrustService User Governor
Dame Yve BucklandRoyal Orthopaedic HospitalChair
David LiddleThe TCM GroupCEO
David RichardsonRoyal Orthopaedic NHS Foundation TrustHead of Education and Training
Debbie ScolaCeruleanFounder
Diana ReynoldsWelsh GovernmentSustainable Futures Development Manager
Dr Conny BluntNHSConsultant Anaesthetist
Dr David Cox
Dr Justin VarneyPublic Health EnglandNational Lead for Adult Health and Wellbeing
Dr Jutta TobiasCranfield School of ManagementSenior Lecturer – Innovation and Process Management
Dr Sara LazarHarvard Medical SchoolAssociate Researcher and Instructor in Psychology
Dr Shaun DavisRoyal Mail GroupGroup Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability
Erick RinnerMilestone InvestisseursManaging Partner
Fazal ChaudhriGemini IntelligenceManaging Director
Helen WrayMarsHealth & Wellbeing Business Partner
Isaac GeorgeHappiest Minds TechnologiesSVP and Country Head
Jamie BristowThe Mindfulness InitiativeDirector
Jo MilstonUrban GuruFounder
Jonathan Trimble18 Feet and RisingChief Executive Officer
Juliet AdamsMindfulnet.orgFounder and Director and A Head for Work
Katy OwenCabinet OfficeHead of Centre for Social Action
Mark JaggardBouygues UKH&S Director
Mark LeonardMindfulness ConnectedCourse Leader and Lead Practitioner
Mark RandallMark Randall ConsultancyCEO
Martin BorosonThe One Moment CompanyFounder & Author of One-Moment Meditation
Martin PetkovHSBCCommunications Manager
Parham VasaeilyJaguar Land RoverFeature Strategy and Autonomous Driving Engineering Manager
Razeea LemaignenGlaxoSmithKlineHealth and Resilience Specialist, HR Centres of Excellence
Tim MundenUnileverChief Learning Officer

Workshop Leaders

Chris TamdjidiKalapa AcademyFounder and Director
Emma WardropperEmma WardropperDirector
Juliet AdamsMindfulnet.orgFounder and Director and A Head for Work
Louise ChesterMindfulness at WorkManaging Director
Parham VasaeilyJaguar Land RoverFeature Strategy and Autonomous Driving Engineering Manager




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